Ever feel tongue-tied while travelling? Some cities in Canada are more difficult to pronounce than others, but who takes the cake when it comes to stumping visitors?

In a recent study by Preply, the most commonly mispronounced places in Canada were revealed and they may surprise you!

After analyzing the monthly search volumes of how to pronounce destinations from coast to coast, the company found that several spots in Ontario, Quebec and even Saskatchewan have perplexed visitors.

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“How many times have you been left rosy-checked after mispronouncing a city to an Uber driver or colleague?” they wrote in an email to Curiocity.

“Have you ever been too afraid to announce a city’s name to local residents?”

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.

According to the language learning marketplace, here are the other cities in Canada that are the hardest to pronounce:

  1. Quebec: Kwuh-bek
  2. Toronto (Ontario): Tuh-ron-tow
  3. Ottawa (Ontario): o-tuh-wuh.
  4. Cambridge (Ontario): kaym-brij
  5. Niagara Falls (Ontario): nai-a-gruh fawlz
  6. Regina (Saskatchewan): rej-eye-na
  7. Mississauga (Ontario): mi-suh-saa-guh
  8. Vaughan (Ontario): vawn.
  9. Montreal (Quebec): mon-tree-awl.
  10. London (Ontario) Luhn-duhn

And there you have it, folks! The most commonly mispronounced places in Canada, according to Preply.

Did any of these surprise you? If so, what would you have on the list instead?

Let us know and happy chatting! We want to hear from you!