Ontario was once home to an elite, top-secret spy training school where more than 500 people trained during World War II. What was once the first school of its kind is now a memorial located in southern Ontario and here’s what to know about Camp X.

Located along the shores of Lake Ontario is the memorial to Camp X, right at Intrepid Park.

According to Parks Canada Directory of Federal Heritage Designations, it is “dedicated to the men and women who were employed at the British Security Coordination spy training school and communications centre located here during the Second World War.”

The spy school was also named Project-J, S25-1-1, “the Camp”, “the Farm”, and Special Training School 103.

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Here, more than 500 Canadians and Americans were trained and served on dangerous missions abroad.

And it was a huge risk for these secret agents as they were not legally protected if they were caught or recognized for their courage and sacrifice.

This was the first school of its kind in North America and “was also an advanced top-secret communications relay station” until its closure in 1969.

Now there are no signs of the school’s buildings as they have been demolished or relocated, according to Doors Open Ontario.

The memorial has stood at Inteprid Park since 1984. If you’re curious to pay the site a visit, you definitely can. It’s located just outside of Toronto, in Whitby.

It looks like Ontario definitely is “yours to discover”.

Camp X memorial

Where: 2008 Boundary Road – Whitby, Ontario