Have you ever wanted to experience a historic Christmas dinner? Not just a little old, but medieval old? Well, you can celebrate the holidays like it’s the 14th century with a “Christmasse” Yuletide dinner at Washington’s Camlann Village.

If you’re unfamiliar with Camlann Village, it is a living, breathing medieval history museum modeled off of a rural town in Southwest England from 1376. It is located in Carnation and is strictly a no-phones or camera experience so that you truly get to be immersed.

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Camlann Village invites you to experience a Christmas dinner with salte, slicing trenchers, toasting to “Wassail!” and “Drinke Hail”, and lighting the Yule Candle.

The dinner will come to life with a trumpeted announcement and procession of servers bearing the “magnificent bors hede” and platters laden with “wondrous victuals.” In all, the feast lasts three hours and includes 12 dishes served in three courses. You’ll also get to experience live entertainment from “gaily clad minstrels” including Yuletide carols and story songs accompanied by the lute, percussion, and bells.

Now here’s the deal, reservations for these dinners must be made with a check or money order by mail. They cost $60 per person and medieval clothing is encouraged, but not required.


When: December 24th, 2023
Where: Camlann, 10320 Kelly Road NE, Carnation WA 98014
Cost: $60