Whether you like it or not, fall is just two weeks away. That being said, welcoming in autumn doesn’t have to be a bummer. Especially because you can celebrate the Michelmasse Festival at Washington’s Camlann Village. Here’s what to expect.

If you’re unfamiliar with Camlann Village, it’s a living history museum focusing on the middle ages. The museum is a truly unique look into life during the 14th century. More specially, Camlann offers a look into life in a small rural village in Southwest England in 1376.

You can experience history, including multiple learning and performing arts opportunities, and see the relationship between historical events and western society today.

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What is Michelmasse? The day was often celebrated on September 29th, “following the equinox, marking the official end of the farming and accounting year.” It was an important time, “when manor books were closed out, rents paid, a new reeve (the chief officer of the village) was chosen, and storehouses stocked for the winter ahead.”

At Camlann’s Michelmasse Festival, you’ll be able to enjoy cider pressing, puppetry, music, crafts, archery, and minstrels. Experience, Somersetshire, the ancient realm of Arthur the king, as a morning trumpet & charter proclamation open the village gates upon the colorful world of Chaucer’s England. The pace is leisurely and everything does not happen at once.

In other words, you have to be there to experience it. What’s more, if you plan ahead and purchase your tickets you can also attend a grand feast celebrating the day. You’ll be able to taste a medieval menu with items like cider, pork and cheese tart, and much more.

If you’d like to attend the festival or learn more you can visit Camlann’s website.

Michelmasse at Camlann Village

When: September 24th & 25th
Where: 10320 Kelly Rd NE, Carnation, WA
Cost: $10-$50