M is for May and medieval. Washington’s Camlann Medieval Village is celebrating the start of May with a festival that’s sure to be a blast from the past in the best way possible. So grab your best gowns and swords, and let’s get into the details.

A Festival for May is Camlann’s Mayday celebration. It takes inspiration from ‘somour games’, a popular holiday in the middle ages, and don’t worry there won’t be any Midsommar vibes going on here. Instead, you can expect to see Camlann Village in full swing with shops & booths open and crafters demonstrating their talents.

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Watch garland weaving, textiles, blacksmithing, basket making, leatherworking, and pottery. You’ll also be able to view longbow archery demonstrations, village dancing, and even tune into the harmonious medieval music of Mynstrels. And yes, you’ll also be able to celebrate Mayday with a great pole, decked with flowers, streamers, and greens complete with a traditional maypole ceremony.

Not only that but Camlann’s traditional medieval restaurant Bors Hede is serving up delicious eats. You can either pop in for a casual meal or sign up for the May banquet. Some of the banquet dishes include onion & currant pie, roast lamb in strawberry sauce, quails roasted with sweet mustard, and more.

Keep in mind that Mayday tickets are available for purchase through cash or check. With that enjoy and happy Mayday!

A Festival for May at Camlann Village

When: April 30th & May 1st
Where: 10320 Kelly Road NE, Carnation, WA
Cost: $10 admission, $50 formal banquet at Bors Hede