Calgary’s Glenbow Museum is one of the city’s most beloved attractions. From first dates to school field trips, we think that it’s pretty fair to say that almost everyone has a story to tell or a memory made at the gallery – but as we’ve aged, so has its decor.

For this reason, the Glenbow decided that it was about time to reimagine the venue with a little help from a design partner all too familiar.

In participation with EllisDon, M3 Development Management, Smith + Andersen, RJC Engineers, as well as Scatliff+Miller+Murray Inc., Calgary’s Dialog (the folks behind the world-renowned Central Public Library) will completely transform the building and man, will it be something else.

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glenbow museum
Photo Via Dialog Design / Glenbow Museum
glenbow museum
Photo Via Dialog Design / Glenbow Museum

In a video posted to their website (seen below), renderings made for the city staple show an almost unrecognizable building with a modern interior, huge windows and even a rooftop lounge.

“We do have a vision for a new Glenbow, this is a vision of urban vibrancy and transparency, of opening Glenbow to the world,” partner architect Robert Claiborne said in a new release.

Unfortunately, renovations like this one will not be cheap and before they can even proceed, they will need to secure millions in funding – but they’re well on their way!

After years of trying to raise $115 million for the ambitious project, they announced in June that they had since received $94 million from all three levels of government but were $40 million short.

You see, once the $115 million is in place, the Glenbow will still need to cover operational costs – hence the extra  $40 mill.

Now, they have yet to announce that they’ve found someone to fund the remainder of the project, but it really should only be a matter of time. As we said, this 46-year old building is a beloved spot and the project is backed by some of the city’s best!

glenbow museum
Photo Via Dialog Design / Glenbow Museum

According to Glenbow, they hope for the project to be done by 2024, so they’ve really got to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later!

If you’re a big wig with money to contribute you can do so at the link below and if you can’t don’t worry about it. Neither can we! What we can do, though, is cheer them on and find more information about the project here.

This could be major, folks, so stay tuned!


Where: 130 9th Avenue SE, Calgary