Plants and coffee, what could make for a better afternoon? How about also supporting local businesses! Sought X Found Coffee Roasters has partnered with local horticulturists of Kokedama to open The Gallery, an inclusive, earthy space to relax, reconnect and have a cup of Joe!

Located in Crescent Heights, this minimalist oasis features local art, exotic greenery and, of course, warm beverages provided by one of Calgary’s favourite roasters.

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This particular cafe really set itself apart from others, having been “intentionally curated” to give each customer an “immersive experience.”

Basically, it’s meant to be a sort of escape from the craziness of the city and wowza, could we all use exactly that right about now!

Check it out, Calgary! To snag a table, you can make a reservation through their website here, and if you’re interested in shopping for some fun shrubs, flowers and succulents, you can check out Kokedama’s online store here!

The Gallery by SxF and Kokedama

Where: 916 Centre Street North, Calgary