A castle in Calgary has been repurposed as an artist’s collective, housing seven different studio spaces available for rent. Sure, “castle” is a bit of a stretch, but Calgary doesn’t have much to offer in the form of medieval architecture, so we’re sticking with it.

The interior of the house does give off a certain all work and no play vibe, but hey, artistic inspiration can come from a variety of sources.

As reported by CBC News, the Upper Mount Royal property is set to go from being one of Calgary’s most unique homes to probably its most unique arts space. Located at 1108 Premier Way SW, the repurposed space is also set to host art events and live shows. Pretty, pretty neat.

calgary castle art collective

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Maillot Homes, owned by Rob Ohlson, bought the house a few years ago for a good price and aimed to possibly flip for a profit. When no immediate buyer was interested, the idea for a studio instead of a regular home came about. This is, after all, a very unique property. Why not turn it into a muse?

As far as pricing per studio goes, it looks as if the rent will be either $400 or $450 a month. We don’t know what the studios look like yet, but we’ll keep an eye on that for you. If you or an artist friend might have a little interest in a room in the castle, all you have to do is sign up here!