Well Calgary, you’ve been wondering and we’ve been waiting! Now that we’ve seen restaurants reopening and public indoors welcoming guests back, it’s finally The Calgary Zoo’s turn. The home to nearly 1,000 creatures across 119 species is ready for a wild summer, and we can’t wait! 

But before we get into the list of exotic animals you’ll be able to see during your next visit, here are a few updates: 

  • Timed tickets are now a thing of the past! Simply purchase your daily admission online or in person at the North entrance. If you are an insider of the zoo, show your membership for immediate access!
  • Two-way flow resumes for the entire park, with the exception of the African Savannah Loop.
  • Food and beverage areas are open for both indoor and outdoor dining, just in case you are feeling a little peckish! 

Now let’s dive into all the nitty-gritty you’ve been waiting for!

We can’t talk about the Calgary Zoo without mentioning their latest addition, the Dinosaurs: Awakened exhibit. You can catch triceratops grazing amongst the bushes and a fearsome T-Rex tear into his next meal at the newly designed Prehistoric Park! 

And right across the Prehistoric Park, you’ll find one of the must-see attractions at the Calgary Zoo- the Penguin plunge! Visit playful and noisy King, Gentoo, Humboldt, and Rockhopper penguins in their natural habitat. You might even be lucky to see their freakin’ adorable chicks waddling around if you look close enough! 

Plus, if you’re in need of a break for the kiddos or just to tire, hit up Bugtopia.  Located slightly off the Canadian Wilds grounds is your spot for little tots looking to learn & play. Inspired by nature, Bugtopia is an interactive play space for kids of all ages, so they can climb, swing, and slide across three themed towers! 

calgary zoo
Photos by Curiocity

On the west end of the zoo is where you’ll find some of the most exotic and wild creatures that we can finally go and see up close! Entering Destination Africa, get ready to look up, waaaaaaay up to spot Earth’s tallest mammals. You’ve guessed it, it’s the giraffes! 

You can also check out African Lions, Hippos, and the more endangered gorilla species, all while learning how to protect these precious animals. 

Crossing through Dorothy Harvie Gardens, AKA the land where alpacas are chilling with flamingos, you’ll be entering the final portion of your visit, Exploration Asia. 

You’ll definitely want to stop in and say hi to Dusk, the 16-year-old red panda who actually sired 8 offspring at the zoo, playing a key role in the species’ preservation plan. 

So folks, the moral of the story? We could go on and on about what the Calgary Zoo has to offer, but nothing beats a visit there to see it with your own eyes. 

Note that Zoo Nights will be back July 30-31 & Sept 3-4, so you can enjoy your favourite animals and the beautiful Calgary Zoo grounds a little longer. 

For more information visit the Calgary Zoo official website. Now go have fun, we’ll see you in the wild!