Canadians are sexy AF. Sure it might be too chilly 80% of the year to show any skin, but we’ve mastered the art of eye contact thanks to years of having to cover everything but! One city, however, really stands out among the rest. According to PinkCherry, Calgary is the sexiest city in all of Canada.

Every year for the last 9, PinkCherry, North America’s leading retailer for adult products, has released what they call an “interactive sex map.” Using data based on the regional selling trends of their products, they can tell which Canadian provinces are loving it up the most and who else but Calgary came out on top (pun not intended.) Following YYC, the list also named Surrey, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg to round out the top five.

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For those who didn’t make the shortlist here are the top 20 sexiest cities in Canada: 

1. Calgary, Alberta
2. Surrey, British Columbia
3. Edmonton, Alberta
4. Ottawa, Ontario
5. Winnipeg, Manitoba
6. London, Ontario
7. Hamilton, Ontario
8. Brampton, Ontario
9. Halifax, Nova Scotia
10. Victoria, British Columbia
11. Toronto, Ontario
12. Montreal, Quebec
13. Mississauga, Ontario
14. Vaughan, Ontario
15. Kitchener, Ontario
16. Vancouver, British Columbia
17. Markham, Ontario
18. St. Catharines, Ontario
19. Quebec City, Quebec
20. Laval, Quebec

According to the company’s official press release, Pink Cherry actually saw a significant increase in sales over the last year – likely due to the pandemic and no, we’re not surprised either.

“People have been focused on their overall wellbeing, and sexual health and wellness play a large role in that,” said CEO Daniel Freedman.

Huh, well, there you have it, folks. Pink Cherry has spoken. If you’re a curious kitten and would like to explore their map of ‘Sexiest cities in Canada,’ check it out here!