The CFL 2024 season is underway! 

Lucky for us, the Calgary Stampeders have a lineup of epic home games waiting for us at McMahon Stadium. There’s no better way to spice up your summer than to soak in the Stamps’ electrifying energy on Calgary’s largest outdoor patio.

Immerse yourself in a sea of passionate fans, drowning each other with deafening cheers… and maybe even catching a mini football after a touchdown! 

It’s summer on a whole new level. But if you need that extra push, here are 6 unbeatable reasons that make attending a Stamps home game an absolute must.

Get ready because here they come!

Palpable Excitement

CFL 2024
Photo via Calgary Stampeders

There’s nothing quite like being there in person, soaking up the electric atmosphere and cheering on your favourite team. 

From the moment you step into McMahon Stadium, you’ll feel the energy and camaraderie of the fans. The sea of red jerseys, the thundering applause, and the chants echoing throughout the stadium create an unforgettable experience. You just have to be there.


CFL 2024
Photo via Calgary Stampeders

Take part in the quintessential Stamps pre-game experience: Tailgating. Before the game kicks off, you can immerse yourself in the pre-game festivities by joining the tailgating party. 

The Stamps have the best tailgating scene in the entire CFL – which is why you need to get involved. Grab a drink, fire up the grill, play some games, and connect with fellow fans who share your love for the game.

Gridiron Gardens

Prior to home games, hang out at the Gridiron Gardens, a fantastic free pre-game tradition with entertainment options for all ages. Enjoy interactive games, live music and fun activities to keep everyone entertained. 

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just tagging along, the Gridiron Gardens will take your game-day experience to the next level.

Quick Six

CFL 2024
Photo via Calgary Stampeders

Keep your eyes peeled for those electrifying touchdowns because when the Stampeders score, you’ll witness the Quick Six! 

It’s the tradition where the Stampeders’ Touchdown Horse gallops around with rider Chelsea Drake. It’s a sight to behold.

Grubs and Bevies

CFL 2024
Photo via Calgary Stampeders

Let’s not forget about the food and drinks! McMahon Stadium offers a wide array of concessions to satisfy your cravings. 

From classic stadium favourites like hot dogs and nachos to local specialties and craft beverages, there’s something to please every palate. Treat yourself to some mouthwatering treats while enjoying the game.

Stamps House

Keep the party going with live music and delicious food after the game at Stamps House. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a Stampeders victory and keep the excitement going all night long. 

You might even catch some of your favourite players enjoying a post-game snack!

The CFL 2024 season is in full swing. Now is the time to grab your jersey, rally your friends, make your way to McMahon Stadium and cheer on the Stamps. 

Tickets start as low as $21 – head over to the Calgary Stampeders website below to grab yours.

CFL 2024
Photo via Calgary Stampeders


When: CFL 2024 season begins Thursday, June 6th 2024
Where: McMahon Stadium, 1817 Crowchild Trail NW
Cost: Tickets start at $21