Bookworms assemble! A literary treasure hunt is coming and it could be the “biggest and best” of its kind in Canada.

Set to take place between May 12th and 22nd, over 150,000 gently used books will be available for a fraction of the price at the Calgary Reads Big Book Sale.

With a variety of bestselling and classic children’s stories starting at just $2 and adult novels for just $4 – this incredible event will be held in support of the Book Bank and will help provide books to those who may not be able to access them.

Organized by the Rotary Club of Calgary, those interested in checking it out on days one and two ($5 entry) are encouraged to choose a timeslot here or are able to wait until the 14th and show up for $3.

If however, you don’t mind waiting until the 19th, patient bookworms will also able to enjoy a BOGO sale, their ‘fill-a-box for $20’ day and a FREE day to clean it all out.

“I think a lot of people have rediscovered the joy of reading in the last few years,” said Steacy Pinney, chair of the Rotary Club of Calgary committee stewarding the Calgary Reads Big Book Sale.

“It does bring pleasure and a respite from everything else going on in the world. Reading is kind of cool again, and a lot of us are thinking about how to fund this great habit the cheap and eco-friendly way.”

Want to attend? Claim your time slot now and get shopping!

There’s really nothing else like it – and you won’t want to miss a beat, especially if you’re on a budget.

Have fun, good luck and enjoy! Who knows, you might just find your next favourite book or even a hidden gem in the collectibles section.

Happy hunting!


When: Friday, May 12th – 22nd, 2023
Where: Calgary Curling Club, 720 3rd Street NW
Admission cost: FREE+