Congrats, YYC! Today, Calgary officially completed paving the one-thousandth km on its incredible multi-use pathway system, not only reaching a major city milestone but a national one as well.

The Alberta city actually has the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down.

The project, which initially started in 1960, has grown about 20 to 30 km every single year, which is absolutely insane.

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The idea is that by adding on to the Calgary pathway system, the city will eventually achieve ultimate community connectivity. They’ve even started a “missing link” program that identifies and even constructs new regional pathways. In addition to this, they’re also constantly inspecting and fixing the pathways to keep them safe to stroll or ride on.

Wowza, that’s a hell of a lot of concrete, folks! Great job, Calgary, we’re proud of you.