From putting a man on the moon to solving crimes and creating solar power, scientists with a cause have done and can do almost anything. In fact, some believe they’ve actually found a way to successfully treat those who have been affected by the growing mental health crisis. In one of the darkest hours in modern history, Alberta has actually opened the ATMA Calgary Urban Journey Clinic, a psychedelic therapy centre, ushering in what they’re calling a ‘new era of hope’ for Canadians who suffer from the effects of palliative care.

This form of treatment was first administered in Alberta only six weeks ago, when Anthony White, a man who was diagnosed with cancer, sought professional assistance to help deal with the unfathomable. White underwent life-changing psilocybin-assisted therapy and according to the Calgary Herald, was able to enjoy the rest of his life happily with his family.

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It was those facilitators who have now opened this particular centre; a 5,000 square foot clinic where professionals from across the country will be trained and can receive leading-edge therapy services.

“Today is the result of years of passion, planning and commitment to a vision of bringing the potential of psychedelics into the Canadian mental health system,” said David Harder, Co-CEO of ATMA.

“It is both humbling and exciting to see how the merits of psychedelic medicine are driving the acceleration of not just ATMA, but the overall psychedelic industry here in Canada and around the world.”

The Journey clinic has already begun, and will only be able to schedule therapy sessions with those who have received their own Section 56 Exemptions. However, in time, they said that they’re optimistic that Health Canada will broaden its scope to other treatment-resistant conditions like PTSD, depression, addiction and anxiety.

If we’ve learned anything during the COVID pandemic, it’s this: For those who are fighting the internal fight – having several safe alternatives is absolutely essential. This is incredible and we’re honestly thrilled that people who need it most, are getting the care that they deserve.

Here’s to more studies, more brainpower and more treatment options in the future!


Where: 200, 1716 – 16th Avenue NW, Calgary