2021 is shaping up to be a much better year (knock on wood).  Hopefully, with immunizations, we can all get back to the things that we enjoy doing like going to the movies, or out for drinks with friends. Hell, maybe some of us will be more inclined to try something new! Enter LaunchPad Golf, a unique way of getting out, getting active, and getting … maybe a little bit less sober.

LaunchPad Golf will basically be Calgary’s answer to TopGolf, an American hotspot that we can only describe as being a fancy sports bar, arcade, driving range hybrid. Oh, and Calgary is expecting not one, but TWO of these facilities! According to a press release, one will be at the newly opened Mickelson National Golf Club while the other will be at Heritage Pointe.

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According to its website, this one of a kind year-round facility will be a “new age golf-and-entertainment revolution;” and will “blend some of the benefits of booking as a public golfer, and some of the exclusive opportunities of being a golf club member.”

Basically, customers will get to drink and eat while they practice their swing in one of 40 hitting stalls without having to have a membership – or even skill for that matter.

Not only will this be the first of its kind in the city, but it’ll also be the first of its kind in the country – so you’ll definitely want to check this one out. See?

We told you! Next year is sounding a heck of a lot better than 2020 already.


When: Spring 2021
Where: Tentatively Mickelson National Golf Club & Heritage Pointe