Nude beaches – let’s talk about ’em because apparently, Calgary actually has not one, but two! Why? Because some of you want and deserve to let it all hang out if that’s how you feel most comfortable.

According to Calgary Nude Recreation, these body-positive spots are legal (ish – we’ll get to that in a moment), and have been enjoyed by many community members for years.

Located on the far west side of Weaslehead Flats, The Calgary Nude Beach (which is only one of two spots) has been recognized as such for two decades and has safely given those who practice nudism a place to be themselves and socialize with one another on hotter days.

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calgary nude beaches
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The other, called Hidden Beach, can be found in Fish Creek Park but both require a bit of a hike to get to, so wear comfy shoes!

Now, as we mentioned before – these beaches are legal-ish.

Despite section 174 of the Criminal Code stating that public nudity is a no-no, CBC actually reported that the CNR came to an understanding with city law enforcement years ago and that they’re aware and okay with both beaches.

“There are only two beaches in Canada that are officially designated as clothing optional, located in Vancouver and Toronto,” CNR explains on their website,

“Every other nude area in Canada is “unofficial”. This location has been used for decades without issue, and its location and use for non-sexual naturism is well known to the authorities.”

In closing – if you’re interested, go ahead and check them out, Calgary, or don’t! It’s your body, your choice – also we feel it necessary to remind you that these places have existed forever and never affected you, so don’t let that change today. Skin is harmless, nasty comments and disrespectful behaviour are not.

Happy beachin’, folks!