When people think of entertainment in Calgary, everything from country music to pro sports to art exhibits may come to mind. What people might not have at the top of their list is live comedy options, but the ‘Danger Room’ at Calgary’s Comedy Cave is one show that deserves a spot.

Put on monthly (or when the performer’s schedules will allow), the Danger Room bills itself as a ‘safe space for dangerous thoughts’. In an age when saying the ‘wrong’ thing is often vilified, this unique comedy show celebrates the darkest corners of what is funny. Check your egos at the doors, folks, this show is not for the faint of heart.

danger room calgary
(L to R) Sam Walker, Uncle Hack, and Brett Forte

While that may rub the casual comedy-goer the wrong way, it’s the exact type of humour that the show’s three very funny, albeit quite different, performers thrive on. Brett Forte, Sam Walker, and Uncle Hack aim to give Calgarians the most unique comedy experience not just in the city but the whole province.

danger room comedy cave calgary
Photos via Brett Forte/The Comedy Cave

In fact, Danger Room is Alberta’s only ‘dirty show’, and has gone to impressive lengths to ensure that attendees are in for a night they won’t forget. It’s the only show in the province that uses locking phone bags, meaning there are fewer distractions (and no recordings) for the audience. This also keeps the context of the comedy intact, a point that Forte says has strengthened the appeal of the show.

Since the Danger Room has those locking phone bags, it’s also a show that is rumoured to be hosting some local celebrities doing their own sets, with the peace of mind knowing that the comedy won’t leave the room. In fact, the upcoming show on September 11th may have its biggest name yet, but you’ll have to check it out yourself to know for sure.

The Danger Room at the Comedy Cave

When: Sunday, September 11, 2022
Where: Comedy Cave – 1020 8 Ave SW
Cost: Buy Tickets Here