Working with or buying from local, small businesses is usually our approach as champions of the ‘support local’ movement. Certainly, a crucial aspect. Another way is to show appreciation for brands and businesses that are in some way fostering small business growth. And the most recent on our radar is a Calgary-born fintech company, Helcim.

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen/heard that name, allow us to jog your memory. Remember that fancy-looking purple card reader at local restaurants and stores? Yes, the very same one that seems too cool to be a payment terminal. That is Helcim.

Photos via Helcim

Helcim has been providing convenient and cost-effective service to local merchants for many years now. In fact, the company, after its relaunch in 2020, experienced a 400% year-on-year merchant growth in 2021. Even non-math nerds like us know that is huge.

So, to continue to provide merchants with better services and additional, improved features that aid the growth of small businesses and thereby, the local economy, Helcim decided to reinvent itself (of sorts). And after years of bootstrapping, they recently raised $16 million in funding. Yes, you read that right- Helcim went from bootstrapping to raising a Series A round investment.

Now, here’s why Calgarians need to know and feel proud about this new development- 1) this is a major step in the flourishing Albertan tech scene, 2) Helcim will be able to contribute in a bigger and better way to the Albertan small business industry.

So, how do we show our support and appreciation to Helcim? Well, by spreading the word to your entrepreneurial friends that would benefit from better payment solutions!

And of course, by showing them some love on the ‘Gram.