Going to a grocery store? Yeah, that’s going to be a no for us, dog. We take social distancing very seriously… almost as seriously as we take food. Luckily, there are a ton of Calgary restaurants still in operation during the outbreak, many of which would never have offered delivery otherwise.

It’s been really nice to know that we don’t have to sacrifice our commitment to one for the other! We all deserve good food and safety! In such times, we’ve seen heroes emerge. Some serving us with hygiene products, others, like @foodkarmablog on Instagram, with delicious knowledge!


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This “Eater of all foods,” and “seeker of adventures” has taken the time to make and update an entire spreadsheet of Calgary’s best and tastiest restos offering take-away and delivery, as well as grocers and markets offering no contact services.

Here is a lovely message from @foodkarmablog in her own words:

“It has been heartbreaking to see people who work in restaurants and the hospitality industry displaced and businesses so negatively impacted. Social distancing is important and I also hope people can do it while still enjoying a good meal and supporting local.

Restaurants were trying to communicate out to customers and customers were trying to find out what was still open, and with so many streams of communication, it’s hard to keep up with all the information out there. This is a small thing I could do to help our community. I hope others use the list, share the info, and support local businesses.”

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The sheet is separated for your convenience, in zones and includes important information like hours of operations and additional information like discounts, or delivery fees. How long this must have taken her, is beyond us. Consider this an appreciation post.

Popular spots listed include Bar Von Der Fels, who is currently offering family style take out and wine pairings, and delivery from $5-$10 delivery fees dependant on distance. Flores and Pine, and Cassis Bistro who also has family meal options and will deliver with 24-hours notice.

In addition to all of these incredible new to take-away spots, don’t forget all of your favourites restaurants who have offered delivery since BC (before Corona.) Calgary’s REGRUB is operating their store-do-door business as usual, so is UNA and several healthier spots like Copper Branch and Wise and Wright.

We’re really spoiled for choice, Calgary. We might be quarantined but man, we’ll be eating good! You could say we’ll be embracing that COVID-19 pound gain.