Coronavirus has made us a bunch of clean freaks, and honestly, we hope it sticks! In the societal twist of the century, a Calgary-based Instagram account, @gocleanco, has amassed over 250 thousand new followers since the beginning of the pandemic. Wowza.

These ladies share cleaning hacks and tips on organization, and they’ve become a big hit! We’re not going to lie to you guys, their tips are bomb diggity and their posts of clean, neatly organized spaces bring us peace.

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It’s kind of incredible, honestly. In 7 weeks, some people have gone from face and mouth touching hooligans who didn’t understand the importance of wiping down their phone, to Lysol addicts who follow a cleaning service on Instagram. We’re a new city!

If you’re not already, we’d definitely recommend following Go Clean Co on Instagram. Hopefully, they can continue to keep us all motivated long after this has passed and we’re back to our day-to-day. This is how clean the world should’ve been all along.