We support small businesses, but we also support maintaining a sense of humour especially when times get tough. Food YYC is a Facebook page dedicated to Calgarians sharing their tastiest city experiences and events, but one member also saw it as an opportunity to get a few laughs.

yyc food

Craig Pack posted a photo on the page of, maybe the most insulting looking pizza we’ve ever seen, and we’ve drunkenly used pita bread as crust.

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Eventually, he admitted that the frozen vegetable disaster was a joke, but not before it got some serious reactions. The comment section is littered with everything from “call the police,” and “wtf” to laugh-crying emojis from those who, we’re assuming, saw through the saucy ruse all along.

“Lol its been a weird and stressful month or so for all of us. Glad I got some of you to laugh, which your comments, in turn, made me do, for that, I thank you.” Peck said in a reply to one of the comments.

We appreciate that people can still have a chuckle, it proves that there is still hope for us yet! Thanks, Craig, that was a good one.

If you’d like to scroll through the hundreds of comments left in outrage on the Food YYC Facebook page, you can check out the original post here!