These Calgary videographers and their touching drone footage, man. What is it about a well-lit downtown wide-shot? Local artist, Eric Gonzalez, got us big-time with his incredible movie-trailer-esque masterpiece, which is described on his website as “a visual love letter to Calgary.”

‘A Voicemail from 2020’ is exactly that, a familiar recording of a message from one Calgarian to another and the empty city streets of a once-bustling city.

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The video has been shared hundreds of times and has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from sentimental city slickers who miss human interaction.

It’s even garnered the attention of Calgary Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, and Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, who both shared the video on their respective Twitter accounts. Nicely done, sir!

Grab a box of tissues and your quarantine buddy and take a look at the video made by Eric Gonzalez, for yourselves above. You’ll only kind of regret it, ya know because crying feels gross. Enjoy, Folks!