While office life may be returning to some sense of normality, there are plenty of folks out there still stilling grinding the WFH lifestyle. Now as anyone who has worked from home for the past two plus years knows, sitting in your house all day gets old fast. So here are 10 of the best cafes to work remotely from in Seattle

Starbucks Seattle Roastery

An intuitive choice perhaps, Starbucks Capitol Hill Roastery is big, busy and bright. If you need the hustle and bustle of people walking by, background noise, a reliable menu and plenty of table options, this is a great choice.

Where: 1124 Pike St
Hours: Daily 7 am-10 pm

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe

Ada’s has it all, a book store full of amazing technical, science and downright interesting reads as well as a vegetarian cafe. What’s more is that they’ve actually built part of their space around coworking so you can have the best possible remote working experience.

Where: 425 15th Avenue East
Hours: Daily 8 am-8 pm

Zeitgeist Coffee

This Pioneer Square spot is a classic coffee destination for Seattleites. The wood filled interior is unique, homey and also happens to be full of art which rotates regularly. So grab a coffee, get your work day flowing and hop out early since they have shorter hours.

Where: 171 S. Jackson Street
Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-1 pm

Lost Lake

Looking to do breakfast or brunch and work? Or maybe even bring a friend along? Capitol Hill’s Lost Lake is definitely worth checking out. You have a full menu of classic, delicious diner fare items and a retro interior to get your work done.

Where: 1505 10th Ave
Hours: Thursday-Saturday until 2 am, Sunday-Wednesday until 12 am

Cafe Vita


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Need space, light, coffee, tables and some other humans to make your remote workday a little more enjoyable? Cafe Vita is another great option for Capitol Hill folks. You can go alone or invite your fellow WFH buddies to join you.

Where: 1005 E Pike St
Hours: Daily 7 am-7 pm

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Top Pot Doughnuts


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If you love doughnuts look no further than Top Pot. The Capitol Hill location has an incredibly cool interior complete with tables for you to get your hard work done. They of course also have some of the city’s best doughnuts and coffee.

Where: 609 Summit Ave E
Hours: Daily 7 am-5 pm

Elm Coffee Roasters

Minimalists, Elm is for you. The uncomplicated, white walled interior is the perfect distraction free place to get a few hours of work done. That being said, you will still have to contend with the normal hustle and bustle of a popular cafe.

Where: 240 2nd Ave South Suite 103
Hours: Daily 8 am-3 pm

General Porpoise

Another doughnut spot? Sign us up! General Porpoise is known for its delicious filled doughnuts and they also happen to serve up some great coffee. Not only that, but their seating area is perfectly minimal and full of tons of light for a great switch up from your normal workday.

Where: 1020 E Union St
Hours: Daily 7 am-3 pm

Victrola Coffee and Art

Coffee, art, tables, Victrola has it all. It’s also conveniently located on Capitol Hill for a central Seattle spot perfect for meeting up with friends and coworkers.

Where: 411 15th Ave E
Hours: Daily 6 am-7 pm

Union Coffee

Working a little later in the day? Union is a great place to head because after your work hours you can enjoy a drink and some snacks. Of course, you can also head over earlier in the day and enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere.

Where: 2407 E Union St Suite B
Hours: Saturday-Tuesday 8 am-4 pm, Wednesday-Friday 8 am-8 pm

Enjoy your WFH grind, Seattle!