Grabbing beer and wine just got even more convenient, but you’ll have to wait a bit.

Residents of Ontario can make buying booze and snacks a one-stop shop with Premier Doug Ford announcing that beer and wine will be sold at all convenience stores and big box grocery stores across Ontario… in 2026.

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Ford hinted to the announcement on social media on December 13th that the province was following through on the pledge he made in 2018 that promised to allow beer and wine to be sold in convenience stores and grocery stores.


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“We’re delivering on that promise,” said Premier Ford. “There’s no reason why Ontario consumers shouldn’t enjoy the same convenient shopping experience as Canadians in every other province when buying some wine for their holiday party or a case of beer or seltzers on their way to the cottage.”

The provincial government says beginning no later than January 1, 2026, consumers will be able to buy beer, wine, cider, coolers, seltzers, and other low-alcohol ready-to-drink beverages at all participating convenience, grocery and big box stores across Ontario.

The announcement also included additional initiatives such as competitive pricing to all private retailers to promote competition and a better deal for consumers, removing restrictions and exclusivities on pack sizes so consumers will be able to purchase any pack size, including 12-packs, 24-packs or even 30-packs and a range of transitional and time-limited supports to Ontario-based producers to help with the transition to a more open marketplace.

Easier shopping for booze is on its way in 2026, Ontario!