As Valentine’s Day approaches, we keep asking ourselves what the perfect present is for that special someone. Well, the Bud Light Heart Shaped Beer Box might be a fun addition to the gift, but we don’t know if we can endorse a fun 12-pack container as our top choice.

Released this past week via Twitter, the Beer Box comes in the classic Valentine’s red and white colourway. Plus, Bud has taken the time to come up with the playful jingle “Roses are red, Bud Light is blue, come have a beer with me, or maybe two”. Instant classic.

Side note, this is in fact just a box. Since there’s no beer in it, you can treat it as a novelty six pack for soda, seltzers, juices… whatever your heart desires!

Anyway, the Beer Box has been such a hit online that Bud Light has actually sold out of it. What’s more, the $24.99USD price point means this was no 6-pack add-on promotion, oh no. But, the good news is that Bud Light has teased one final restock in the future.

Your best bet to get the Heart Shaped Beer Box is by following Bud Light on Twitter. We’ve reached out to see if we can get a date and time, but no word has been given yet.