Exciting news, Canada! Especially for those who are closet beer haters, but still feel the pressure to drink it in social situations. Bud Light has just launched their super popular spiked Seltzers Canada-wide meaning now you can have the label and like it too!

Admittedly, because they just launched last week, we haven’t actually had a chance to try them for ourselves. However, from all that we’ve read, they’ve been repeatedly compared by people who have to summertime favourite, White Claw.

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Not only do they share a concept, but they also share similar flavours, so… if you weren’t entirely sure if they were for you, but love WC it might be worth trying to see which one you prefer.

If you’d like to pick up a box for yourself, hit your local liquor store or order online and get to sippin’. You might be pleasantly surprised!

For those who aren’t sure where they sell them in your area, you can also check their website here to find the nearest location. Please drink responsibly, enjoy yourselves and let us know if you’re a Bud Light believer.