Filled with dozens of undeveloped islands and islets to explore, Broughton Archipelago Park – AKA the largest marine park in BC – is definitely a summer destination for your bucket list.

With plenty of boating, kayaking, and wildlife viewing opportunities, the archipelago offers visitors sweeping views of the coastal mountains and Queen Charlotte Strait.

According to BC Parks, those exploring the region by boat can easily uncover white-midden beaches, which bear evidence of the use of the area by local First Nations for generations.

To that end, visitors can also spot clam “terraces,” culturally modified “trees,” and a petroglyph (carving) into a rock.

In terms of kayaking, the southern portion of the park is the most popular spot – though visitors hoping to view Orcas in their natural habitat should head to the park’s western boundaries. Here, boaters and kayakers may spot Humpback or Minke whales, or smaller species like dolphins and sea lions.

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While there are no designated campsites in the Broughton Archipelago, there are a number of sites that kayakers have been using for overnight camping which are open year-round, but only accessible by boat.

Note that some of these sites are only accessible during certain tides and weather conditions – and there are no facilities available at the park – so remember to prepare ahead of time and leave no trace behind!

So there you have it, BC. This one might be more of a backcountry adventure, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Broughton Archipelago Park 

Where: 30 km east of Port McNeill, BC