If lounging on long, sandy beaches soaking up every last drop of summer is your ideal way of spending August, we feel you, and we’ve got another provincial park to add to the list. Mᑫuqᵂin/Brooks Peninsula Park located on northwest Vancouver Island is home to what once was known as the “cape of storms” by early explorers, but now shelters some of the most sought-after beaches and untamed nature in the province.

In fact, the area offers visitors a “world-class” wilderness experience, from its fascinating inter-tidal marine life to sub-alpine mountains. The park’s peninsula is also a distinctive feature, as it’s the only part of the Island unaffected by the last ice age.

This means that the park is home to a broad range of rare plant species and unique geological formations, which make for an interesting visit.

First Nations’ history

Reclaimed and renamed by the Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nation in 2009, the provincial park is now known as “The Queen” in the Nuu-Chah-Nulth language. As well, the park falls into the boundaries of the Quatsino First Nation, who have spiritual ties to the lands and where they’ve long practiced traditional hunting and fishing.

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brooks peninsula park
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As for its miles and miles of ‘remote’ sandy beaches, you’ll definitely have plenty of space to explore. Hikers can explore several high-tide routes between headlands, or opt for the 20-minute hike from Columbia Cove to the most easterly beach on the south coast of the peninsula.

Note that there are no camping facilities or designated sites available, but wilderness camping is permitted.

The park is located approximately 20 km southwest of Port Alice and is accessible via boat from Quatsino Sound and Kyuquot Sound, though air charters have also become increasingly popular.

Happy exploring!

Mᑫuqᵂin/Brooks Peninsula Park

Where: 20 km southwest of Port Alice, BC

Information on Mᑫuqᵂin/Brooks Peninsula Park is from BC Parks and is accurate as of the publication date.