Bald eagles, man. It’s not very often that we look at an animal and get nervous or feel intimidated, but these birds are kind of terrifying – if we’re being honest. It’s certainly not every day that you see one of these guys in the wild, and it’s even less common that you see one in distress. We guess you could say that over the weekend while boating on Windermere Lake, an Alberta man and his family were definitely in the right place at the right time.

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While on the water, you expect to see fish, weeds, and sticks occasionally floating around on the surface, but eagles?  No way in heck. Luckily, when Brett Bacon and the Bacon family did see the North American bird splashing about, they sprung into action, realizing very quickly that this was out of the ordinary.

In a video posted to Instagram, the rescue seemed to be effortless. Brett can be seen reaching into the water and pulling up a massive baby eagle, who was probably just as taken by surprise as they were.

Finally, after Brett had gotten him back on the boat, the Eagle was able to spread its wings, drying them off and also hitting Bacon in the face several times, which we can only imagine was a bit painful.

A few minutes, and a couple of scratches later, the eagle had been saved and the Bacon family had an incredible story to tell at parties.