If you love chasing waterfalls, you’ve no doubt heard of Brandywine Falls in Whistler. And if you haven’t, all the more reason to head there on your next day trip for a quick, yet refreshing stop!

The waterfall is situated at – you guessed it – Brandywine Falls Park, and it’s a short hike (10 to 20 minutes one-way) to the falls.

The park also offers visitors the chance to see the beautiful crystal-clear Daisy Lake, dip into two other smaller ponds, and take in the views of the surrounding mountains and Black Tusk.

So pack your picnic gear and get ready to enjoy a scenic walk and destination – all without breaking too much of a sweat.

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brandywine park bc
Photo via BC Parks

Note that there is no access to the lower falls area, as the canyon is considered “extremely unsafe” due to unstable slopes and falling rocks.

Other than the falls, visitors can branch off of the main Brandywine Falls Trail and head to a small lake, following a short but steep climb.

Here, you can keep your eye out for the unique (and at-risk) red-legged frogs that call the park home!

Brandywine Falls Park 

Where: Whistler, BC

Information on Brandywine Falls Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.