There’s an environmentally-friendly art installation floating on Lake Ontario. If you’re down in Toronto’s harbourfront area, you can see the piece for yourself.

It’s not just a pretty sight, it also helps the earth, too!

Bonterra, a new line of sustainably focused paper products, is behind the new installation. The large, bold piece spells out the words, ‘For a Better Planet’.

The piece is the first of its kind and not only states a call to action but serves as a way to improve biodiversity. When art and the environment team up, it’s the perfect match!

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Photo via Bonterra

The floating art is covered in greenery and creates a diverse wildlife habitat for plants, insects, fish, waterfowl, and other aquatic life in the area, according to Bonterra.

Bonterra’s floating display will be on the lake until September 6. You can find it just south of the Harbourfront Centre concert stage.

Stop by and take some pics, it won’t be here for long!

‘For a Better Planet’

When: Until September 6.
Where: Harbourfront Centre – 235 Queens Quay W