If there’s such a thing as Canadian royalty, then the power couple of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively should qualify. So, we’re happy to see that Blake Lively is as much a fan of Vancouver as we are of her. Especially because she has some great taste in food. Here’s the scoop.

Lively is in town while Reynolds shoots his new movie, The Adam Project, around the city. And, she was quick to share her top 4 spots in the city to her 27M plus followers. Talk about good publicity, hey? We can’t compete with that. Not yet, at least.

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blake lively

Let’s see. We’ve got Cartems donuts, A La Mode Pie Cafe, Rain or Shine Ice Cream, and Ask for Luigi. Looks like Lively has a little bit of a sweet tooth! Even the photo for Ask for Luigi is of their desserts (not that we don’t order one every time we’re there). Hey, we wouldn’t turn down ice cream, donuts, pie and cake any day of the week.

We guess the next question is, what varieties are her favourite? Is she a classic donut and vanilla ice cream kind of person, or is she scooping up all the limited flavours while she’s there? Who knows, we better try them all to see what’s up.

Enjoy the day, folks!