Last Sunday, two black bears were filmed wrestling on a trampoline in Coquitlam, BC. We guess that’s one way to come out of hibernation!

Honestly, we can’t blame ’em. If we were stuck hibernating for months, we’d probably do the same.

Rose Waldron filmed the two young bears having fun in her backyard from inside her home near the Coquitlam River, a popular spot for bears to bathe and fish.

On Wednesday, April 13th, she uploaded the video on Youtube, which has been making its rounds on social media ever since. The footage is as wholesome as it is entertaining.

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As we geared up for a long weekend of sunshine and scrolling through Coachella pics, the bears were clearly preparing a master plan for their shenanigans. However, their plan lacked a crucial step: an exit strategy.

“He’s got to follow the hole,” Rose Waldron tells the camera as the two young bears paw around the net of the trampoline, searching for an exit. “Just go out the door, it’s right there,” she tells the bears, pointing to the opposite side.

Unfortunately, communication between bears and humans has not yet reached an optimal level. Your move, science.

Thankfully, Waldron’s husband Doug told CBC that hardly any damage was sustained by their trampoline. All’s well that ends well!