This is a summer trip worth taking! Big Sandy Bay on Wolfe Island is one of the more unique beach destinations in Ontario and getting there is half the fun.

Your adventure begins in the Kingston area when you board the free ferry to Wolfe Island, located at the entrance of the St. Lawrence River.

It’s the largest of the world-renowned Thousand Islands and is famous for its spectacular scenery, of which Big Sandy Bay is a big part.

According to The Swim Guide, the beach is “part of an environmentally significant dune and wetland complex,” so as visitors, we should treat it with care.

Visitors are also encouraged to leave their cars on the mainland and bike from the ferry terminal to the beach along the 1.3 km nature trail when they arrive on Wolfe Island.

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Visit Kingston describes Big Sandy Bay as “a place so special that you won’t want to share it with anyone else” — well, lucky for you, you’re now in on the secret!

“The extraordinary beauty and natural diversity of this ecological jewel in the southwest corner of Wolfe Island provides a wonderful escape,” says Visit Kingston.

“Many visitors come to recharge and refresh with the uncluttered expanse of bay and sky. Visitors can commune with nature, watch birds and enjoy the beautiful secluded sand beach.”

The beach itself stretches for 3 km, making it ideal for a leisurely stroll in the sand. Although, beach-goers should bring plenty of sun protection as there’s very little shade along the shore.


Day passes are priced at $15 per adult and $50 per adult for the season. Those $18 and under can get a day pass for $10 or $20 for the season. They also have family passes that begin at $60 per day use and $100 for the season for a group with children under the age of $18. It’s important to note that this is a cash-only facility so bring those bills.

Big Sandy Bay is open now until September from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Big Sandy Bay Conservation Area

Where: Wolfe Island, Ontario
When: May through September, 9 am to 6 pm (weather dependent)