After 30 long, delicious years, the iconic restaurant and Calgary favourite Buon Giorno unexpectedly announced that they had served their last breadbasket in May… now, after so many of us have had to choke back tears at the sight of the empty building, the Italian stallion is getting ready to make a comeback. That’s right, carb-loving babies… Buon Giorno is gearing up to reopen, re-plate, and relieve all of us of our hunger for pasta, garlic, and wine.

The big news – in true BG fashion – was revealed in maybe the most humble way possible – but oh man, did we take notice.

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If you’re a Calgarian who has never been to the 17th Avenue crown jewel, take our advice and go the second it opens. The service is maybe the best and holy meatballs, the food, guys. The food is saucy, smells, and tastes just like an authentic Italian dream.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when exactly they’ll be reopening but you know that we’ll be keeping our eyes, and noses on this one.

Take us home, Buon Giorno! Our bodies are ready!


When: TBA
Where: 823 17 Avenue SW, Calgary