It’s a new day, a new year, and a new month! The opportunities are endless, well kinda. New Year’s Day is obviously a holiday so it’s a great day to spend resetting, relaxing, or enjoying the outdoors. Here are 6 of the best things to do in and around Seattle on New Year’s Day.

Go hiking for free

January first just so happens to be a Washington State Parks Free Day. That means you can access our states over 100 beautiful state parks for free. Go for a hike, see some new views, whatever floats your boat.

Check out an ice cave

Washington has many amazing caves that you can explore, but few of them are accessible in the winter. Don’t despair though because Washington also has ice caves. Seriously, what doesn’t our state have? There are two stunning ice caves that you can explore in Washington this winter.

Hit the slopes

If getting active seems like the best way to start the new year you’re in luck because many of our state’s local ski slopes are actually open. Enjoy day skiing, night skiing, and more. As always we recommend planning a bit ahead and purchasing lift tickets if you aren’t a season pass holder.

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See what’s new on Netflix

Start 2023 with a relaxing day of streaming, why not? There’s plenty new to watch this month with tons of new titles arriving on January 1st.

Visit a frozen waterfall or two

While winter might seem like the best time to stay indoors, it’s also the only time that you can see one of our state’s coolest natural wonders. Many of Washington’s waterfalls are frozen in time, waiting for you to explore. Perhaps a little cold will help you recover from any of the activities you got up to the night before.

Book a stay out of the city

While heading to a tropical destination might be ideal, there are plenty of stunning places you can check out within our state. Throughout our time of Airbnb scrolling, we’ve made quite a few lists of different sorts of places you can book from places with hot tubs and saunas, romantic spots, and on the islands.

Have a great weekend!