One of our favorite ways to spend a summer evening is by watching the sunset. It’s a simple pastime that really never gets old and luckily for all of us, Seattle has several amazing spots for you to watch from. But where exactly is the best place to watch the sunset in Seattle? Here are 10 of our favorite places to watch the sunset in Seattle.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is great for tons of things, walking, running, hiking, picnicking, and also watching sunsets! Head down to the iconic beach or relax in one of the many fields. You’ll get to see the Puget Sound and some beautiful sunset colors to end your day right.

Where: Discovery Park, 3801 Discovery Park Blvd

Kerry Park

This park is a photographers’ dream. Nearly every time you go there, the sound of clicking shutters takes over the sounds of the city. That’s because it has one of the best focal points of downtown Seattle. So not only will you get to see a killer view of the downtown skyline and Space Needle, you’ll also get to enjoy one of the best urban places to watch the colors in the sky change during sunset in Seattle.

Where: Kerry Park, 211 W. Highland Drive

Golden Gardens Park

It’s one of Seattle’s favorite beaches for many reasons and also a great place to watch the sunset with a view of Puget Sound.  You can check it out solo, with friends, or with a SO. Consider having a barbecue at the beach to make your night even better.

Where: Golden Gardens Park, 8498 Seaview Place N.W.

Gas Works Park

Perhaps one of the cooler parks in Seattle, Gas Works has a lot to see. You can enjoy both the downtown skyline and the remnant structures of the gasification plant that once existed there. It’s definitely one of the more unique spots to watch the sunset. This park has free yoga all summer too!

Where: Gas Works Park, 2101 N Northlake Way

Olympic Sculpture Park

You can get the best of both worlds when viewing the sunset from the sculpture park. You’ll be able to wander among amazing pieces of art and watch the sunset. Plus you can head down towards the water for an even better view if you’re really feeling it.

Where: 2901 Western Ave

Sunset Hill Park

Sunset Hill Park is a north Seattle gem. It can be easy to miss because it’s not terribly big, but it has a fabulous view. You can look out over the sound while having a picnic, enjoy a stroll, or maybe even while tossing a frisbee.

Where: Sunset Hill Park, 7531 34th Ave. NW

Alki Beach

If you’re going to head out west, we’re always fans of an evening spent at Alki Beach. You can enjoy dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants along the beach and then walk down to the water to soak up the last rays of golden hour. Oh and Beach Fires are back at Alki Beach from May 24-Sept. 22. You must use the fire pits provided, which unlock by 5:30 pm, and fires out by 10 pm. Pits are first-come, first-served.

Where: Alki Beach, 1702 Alki Ave. SW

Carkeek Park

This one is a classic spot for Seattleites living in North Seattle. But if you’re looking for somewhere to watch the sunset, the relatively quiet stretch of beach is definitely worth checking out. There’s a beach, a historic orchard and you might even get to watch a train pass by while you watch the tide.

Where: 950 NW Carkeek Park Rd

Dr. Jose Rizal Park

This unique park gives you a birdseye of view of the freeway and also south Downtown and Elliott Bay. It’s a great viewpoint at any time of day but especially at night to watch the sunset. If you haven’t been before and decide to visit, it will quickly become a favorite spot of yours.

Where: 1007 12th Ave. S

Columbia Tower

There are few places better to watch the sunset than Columbia Tower. It’s the tallest building in Seattle and its viewpoint is less expensive than heading over to the Space Needle. So if you’re downtown and feel like getting elevated, we highly recommend that you check it out.

When: Monday – Thursday 12pm to 10 pm, Friday- Sunday 10am – 10 pm (Hours may vary)
Where: 700 4th Ave, Floor 73
Cost: $25+

Enjoy the sunsets, Seattle!