Toronto’s food scene is undeniably delicious and with so many places to choose from, it can be hard to decide. In that case, let us help make your life a little easier with our list of the best pizza spots in Toronto. You can never go wrong with a cheesy slice!

And the best part about pizza is that it’s so customizable, especially for those with diet restrictions – it really is a people-friendly dish.

So if you’re in the mood for pizza and are on the hunt for a new spot to try, we got you. Check out our list below:

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Their pizza game is no joke! Superpoint Pizza & Wine is a small spot tucked away on Ossington Ave but if you know the area, you’ll know why it’s so popular. Our favourite is the Burrata & Hot Honey – a must-try.

Where: 184 Ossington Avenue

Maker Pizza


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We can’t talk about pizza and not mention this killer joint. Maker Pizza is one of Toronto’s top choice. Their menu is a touch reduced because of the whole pandemic situation. But don’t worry, there are still tons of amazing choices up for grabs.

Where: Multiple locations

Blondies Pizza


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This picture-perfect pizza spot definitely knows a thing or two about making some of the BEST pies around Toronto. From pink buildings to pink pizza boxes, not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it’s great all around.

Where: Multiple locations

North of Brooklyn

New York-style pizza never looked so good. This spot has an endless list of pies to choose from. We’re talking everything from kale and bacon to truffle shuffle to NY cheese and more. You definitely won’t regret a slice from here.

Where: Find your nearest location here

8Mile Detroit Style Pizza


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You just KNOW a pizza is going to hit when there’s a cheesy trail as you pick up your first slice of ‘za. Thick, loaded, and guaranteed craving satisfaction, 8Mile Pizza’s Detroit-style pizza is simply chef’s kiss.

Where: 122 Atlantic Avenue & 9 Charles Street W

Trattoria Nervosa

Yorkville has some top tie restaurants and among them is Trattoria Nervosa. Along with their selection of pastas and wines, they’ve also got a pizza list that’s pretty hard to beat. Our personal recommendation is the Funghi pie, topped with cremini and oyster mushroom, fior di latte, taleggio, and fontina. Yum!

Where: 75 Yorkville Avenue

Detroit Pizzeria

Another Detroit pizza spot, Detroit Pizzeria doesn’t miss when it comes to mouthwatering pizza pies. You really can’t go wrong with that deep dish, square sliced pizza. Just look at it.

Where: 1093 Bathurst Street

Pizzeria Libretto

Travel to Naples, Italy with every bite at Pizzeria Libretto. They use local natural ingredients and cook pizza in a brick oven for that puffy, flame-blackened crust making each slice soft and crispy at the same time.

Where: Many locations

The Fourth Man in the Fire

Another classic spot! IYKYK. The Fourth Man in the Fire is the spot to be if you’re looking for that good, all-American-style pizza. Though they do have other foodie options like Hero Sandwiches, Ponzo’s, and Brooklyn Squares, their pizza creations are something you need to try at least once in your life.

Where: 832 Dundas Street W

Pizza Conzo

If you love Toronto’s famous Sugo (and who doesn’t love Sugo??) then we know you’ll enjoy their sister store, Pizza Conzo. This spot has tons of house-made classic Italian flavours that are exactly what your National Pizza Day celebration is missing.

Where: 1279 Bloor Street W

Bar Poet

Late-night eats at Bar Poet just hit different. Stop by for a refreshing cocktail or beer and your own pizza – you’ll change your mind about sharing after you take the first bite. Their kitchen is open until 2:00 AM!

Where: 1090 Queen Street W

General Assembly Pizza

Now, this is a spot where if you love one of their pies, you can also sign up for a frozen pizza subscription to have them delivered to your house. And trust us, they’re just as fresh AND delicious. They have a list of red and white-based pizzas with mouthwatering dips to pair, each one just as good as the next.

Where: 333 Adelaide Street W