Whether you’re in the market to buy a house or are looking to rent long-term, there are few things more important than moving to the right location.

This year, in hopes of helping you find the right fit, RE/MAX has released a long list of the best neighbourhoods across Canada and in Calgary.

From Halifax to Ontario, the real estate company took several cities and their most sought-after communities into consideration, but only 10 made the cut – two of which are in Alberta.

So how did they narrow it down?

According to the report they partnered with Local Logic1, a Montreal-based data analytics company, to determine Canada’s biggest and growing markets.

Then, based on several livability factors that Canadians said were the most important to them they were able to hone in on the best.

These included affordability, proximity to work, transit, schools, health and medical services, walkability, access to green spaces and parks, drivability, access to walking paths, and whether a neighbourhood was diverse.

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“Liveability is impacted by a variety of factors that are not exclusive of each other,” they explain.

“According to the Leger survey, 44% of Canadians prioritize affordability when evaluating the liveability of a neighbourhood. Thus, some of the neighbourhoods that ranked high of the list reflect affordable housing and a lower cost of living.”

These were the best neighbourhoods in Canada:

  • Downtown West End, Calgary, AB
  • Daniel McIntyre, Winnipeg, MB
  • Oliver/Wîhkwêntôwin, Edmonton, AB
  • Heritage, Regina, SK
  • Sandy Hill, Ottawa, ON
  • Quinpool Area, Halifax, NS
  • Westmount, Saskatoon, SK
  • Le Sud-Ouest, Montreal, QC
  • Old Town, Toronto, ON
  • Corktown, Hamilton, ON

And these were the best in Calgary:

  • Downtown West End
  • Beltline
  • Seton
  • Cranston
  • Shawnessy
  • Mahogany
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Valley Ridge
  • Discovery Ridge
  • Aspen

As for what makes Calgary’s Downtown West End so great?

“This west-downtown neighbourhood is bordered by the Bow River to the north, the CPR to the south, 9th Street to the east and 14th Street to the west, and is a gateway to the city core by bike, car, public transit or by foot,” they explain.

“Many office conversions have sparked foot traffic and renewed retail interest in the area. Downtown West has some great public spaces and amenities, including Shaw Millennium Park the Contemporary Calgary art gallery, Kerby Centre, Century Gardens dog park, and easy access to the Bow River pathway.”

And there you have it!

Does this sway you one way or another? Let us know and good luck!

It’s certainly not easy to find your dream home, but we’ve got high hopes for you!”