Though working from home has become the new norm, sometimes you miss the socialization that comes with working alongside your collegues. That’s where coworking spaces come in handy and believe it or not, they’re getting pretty popular. Thanks to its flexibility and accessibility, coworking spaces are popping up across the world and a new ranking found which cities around the globe are the best for these spaces.

In a ranking by Business Name Generator, the team investigated 53 cities around the world and found how they perform when it comes to coworking. They looked at the number of available coworking spaces, the average rent, WiFi speed, and search volume data.

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According to the results, our beloved Canadian city, Toronto came in fifth with an overall score of 5.9, just behind Bangkok and ahead of Chicago. There are 154 coworking spaces in the city and the average cost per desk a month is about $251 USD, per BNG.

This wasn’t the only Canadian city that made the list. Montreal also managed to snag a spot in seventh with a score of 5.5.

London, Singapore and Berlin same in first, second and third, respectively.

Check out the rest of those who ranked, below:

Toronto best
Photo via Business Name Generator