Moving to a new house can be pretty overwhelming so just imagine making the move to a new city OR halfway across the world. It can definitely be scary but knowing more about where you are emigrating to can help lessen the stress. A new report ranked the world’s best cities for expats to work and live and this Canadian city managed to snag a spot in the top 10.

Preply, an online language tutor platform found that emigration has become increasingly popular in the last few years so they created what they call a “global expat index”.

Their index ranks 60 of the most popular destinations on 11 metrics like average monthly salary, safety, the average length of time to learn the language fluently, and much more.

So what Canadian city made the list? Toronto? Vancouver? Ottawa?! Nope, Montreal was ranked 10th.

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Photo via Preply

It was the only Canadian city to rank in the top 10 and even top 20 – yes, we’re surprised too. Ottawa actually came in 23rd (if you wanted to know).

Apparently, according to the report, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia topped the charts, getting an overall score of 6.62.

Georgia’s Tbilisi came in second while Lisbon in Portugal came in third. For the rest of the results and to find out more. you can read the rest of the report, here.