There was some pretty stiff competition, but the fans have spoken. As determined by the many judges who attended this past weekend’s Caesarfest, FREE HOUSE has the best caesar in all of Calgary!

Combining the unique flavors of two beloved city-made inventions, the Ginger Beef Caesar from the popular Kensington restaurant took the top spot during the event – which is held annually in celebration of the iconic sip.

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“…And the winner of YYCaesarfest’s BEST CAESAR is….@freehouseyyc for their GINGER BEEF CAESAR,” they wrote on their Instagram, adding that the drink is a ‘must-get,’ for booze-lovers.

Made using their house-made ginger sauce, Worcestershire, pickle-infused vodka, house hot sauce, and of course, Clamato Juice – this tangy concoction will be available as part of their menu this June – so check it out!

There’s really nothing better after a long day of work or on a hangover Sunday.