Supporting local, sustainable buying, volunteering, making monetary donations. There are many things, big and small, that we do on a daily basis to give back to our communities. While we truly believe that every act counts, February is a great time to give back & act from the heart. 

And for anyone looking for ways to spread the love this Heart Month, we have you covered. We rounded up 5 meaningful and fun ways you can give back to the community.

Take a look—

Volunteer at a shelter

A very satisfying way of giving back to the community is by extending our support to the most vulnerable among us. And we can do that by volunteering at a local shelter. There are many short and long-term volunteering opportunities you can pick from. From data entry, to managing clothes and other donations, to virtual training programs, the shelter can put many skills to good use. In case you need help finding one, below are a few in a city near you.

Calgary: Calgary Drop-In
Toronto: Covenant House Toronto
Edmonton: Hope Mission
Vancouver: Lookout Society

shelter volunteer becel kind hearts fund

Spread the love to the seniors

A rewarding way to volunteer your time is by spending it in the company of the senior members of our society. You can start with something relatively simple like reading to them, hosting arts & crafts workshops, providing entertainment, etc. And if you find yourself too committed, go on to join long-term care teams. There are so many ways you can make these integral members of society feel happy and cherished.  Here are some senior centres that could use your help­—

Calgary: Calgary Seniors
Toronto: Senior Services Society
Edmonton: Edmonton Senior Centre
Vancouver: Care BC

senior volunteer becel kind hearts fund

Bake with Becel 

While you’re whipping up your baked goodies, make the simple switch to Becel. By simply buying your fave Becel products, you can help contribute to Becel’s Kind Hearts Fund! If you didn’t know, Becel donates $500,000 annually to food banks across Canada. Funds will help food banks obtain essential supplies and equipment needed to support operations and keep warehouses running safely and smoothly, to help the food banks better serve communities all across Canada.

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becel kind hearts fund

Help the furry friends in need

Yes, fostering the adorable furry members of the community is definitely up our alley when it comes to giving back. But if that’s too big of a responsibility for you, there are many other ways you can contribute to animal rescues &  shelters. From working shifts at the shelter, to raising funds, to transporting the animals, there are a ton of smaller but equally important volunteer opportunities. Here are a few you’ll spot us at—

Calgary: AARCS
Toronto: Toronto Humane Society
Edmonton: Zoe’s Animal Rescue
Vancouver: BC SPCA

animal rescue volunteer becel kind hearts fund

Volunteer your skills at a local library

If you deem yourself a reader, volunteering at the local library might be something you’ll find both enjoyable and satisfying at once. Depending on the opportunities available at your local library, you can volunteer for adult and teen literacy programs, help kids overcome difficulty in reading and writing, take up book organizing and much more. You can check out volunteer opportunities at these local libraries—

Calgary: Calgary Library
Toronto: Toronto Public Library
Edmonton: Edmonton Public Library
Vancouver: Vancouver Public Library

library volunteer becel kind hearts fund

Let’s make our communities kinder for everyone this February!