Feeling regal? Dress your best for an enchanting experience that will delight your inner child and satisfy your outer Disney adult! Inspired by the Beaumont classic, a charming Beauty and The Beast Immersive Cocktail Experience has opened in Calgary.

A silly dinner theatre, escape-room hybrid, this event challenges its guests to solve riddles and play games in an effort to lift an ‘awful curse.’

Photo Curiocity Group

Of course, during this time you’ll also create two bespoke sips and can take photos among the elaborate decor – so come thirsty and camera ready.

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Photo Curiocity Group

Much like the parent company’s other Calgary events like The Alice, Beauty and The Beast is a sight to behold with decorations from floor to ceiling, colourful characters and a whole lot of spirit.

Tickets are on sale now and will include the 90-minute experience and your drinks, but don’t hesitate!

Photo Curiocity Group

It’s only a matter of time until it sells out, so get on it and maybe we’ll see you out there!


When: Until May 21st, 2023
Where: 14th AVE NE, Calgary, Alberta
Cost: $47