The city has officially opened its newest 75-acre park just east of Toronto. If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to go out for a hike, make a trip to Beare Hill Park in Scarborough. Get a whiff of its past while exploring the new and massive parkland. Here’s what to know.

Beare Hill Park has joined the list of new and exciting parks Toronto holds dear to. Though the park itself is new, it does hold a bit of a smelly past as it stands on a closed landfill.

According to the city, the park is established where Beare Road Landfill once stood. It had opened in 1967 and was operated by the City until its closure in 1982.

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“After the landfill was closed, natural regeneration and volunteer tree planting have created rich, natural areas of forest, meadow and wetland habitats used by wildlife, including four species at risk,” shares the city.

The park currently offers opportunities for a ton of outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, birdwatching and cross-country skiing in the winter.

Beare Hill Park isn’t the only Toronto parkland that has been established on a closed landfill. Did you know that Riverdale Park East and Centennial Park share a similar past?

Considering that Riverdale Park East is a popular summertime destination thanks to its picture perfect view of the city skyline, it’s wild to think that it wasn’t as desirable as it is today.

If you’re eager to explore Beare Hill Park and all it has to offer, make a trip east to 8145 Finch Ave E.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be your new

Beare Hill Park

Where: 8145 Finch Ave E.