Fall is here and that means its time to get in some great hikes before it’s officially ski season. Why not go big this fall with a hike like Beacon Rock? It’s truly a sight to be seen and an unforgettable hike that isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. Get ready to feel like you’re on your own Indiana Jones adventure.

Beacon Rock towers 848 feet over the Columbia River and is actually the core of an ancient volcano. While massive in size, the hike to the top is actually only a mile long but it is a series o dizzying switchbacks. The hike certainly isn’t easy, your heart rate will get going but considering how tall the rock is, the series of switchbacks is a welcome adventure to see the views at the top.

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If you’re wondering why we compare it to an Indiana Jones esq adventure it’s because the switchback is on the cliff face. So you’re truly walking on the edge and yes there are handrails before you totally freak out.


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What’s more you have views throughout the entirety of the hike making it an excellent choice for those of you looking for something scenic. If you’d like to learn more about the hike you can visit the Beacon Rock State Park website.