Hot off the heels of a similar decision in the states, and going against federal recommendations, the BC Centre for Disease Control has announced that most BC residents who test positive for COVID-19 will be able to end self-isolation after a mere 5 days. Here’s what to know.

Previously, the provincial government had recommended that self-isolation would last 7 days minimum for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19. Even this was short by federal standards, which recommends a minimum of 10 days for individuals, regardless of whether or not they have symptoms, or if they’re fully vaccinated.

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(For the relevant update, skip to around 13:30 minutes in…)

In fact, it’s much more in line with the CDC’s new guidelines, which recommend that fully vaccinated folks can end their self-isolation after 5 days, as long as they are asymptomatic or if they have been without a fever for 24 hours. The news comes as positive cases in BC reach new daily records.

So yeah, the latest decision is a real head-scratcher. We guess the only silver lining is that all those tongue-in-cheek tweets about the CDC recommendation now apply to the BCCDC as well…

For more information, head to the BCCDC website. But as a note- the website has not yet been updated with the relevant info.