ICYMI, Monday, September 19th is now a federal holiday to mourn the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On Tuesday, September 13th, the government announced the decision at a conference in New Brunswick, stating that federally regulated industries (with the exception of banks) will get the day off.

But what does this mean for folks in BC? Well, first off, all provincial employees and employees of the public sector will have the day off from work. By extension, all K-12 public schools and public post-secondary institutions will be closed to mark the monarch’s funeral.

“Over the last few days, British Columbians have joined with people across the country and around the world in an outpouring of support for the Royal Family over the loss of Queen Elizabeth II,” said Premier John Horgan. “Our government will follow the lead of the federal government and join with other provinces in observing the national day of mourning to mark the Queen’s funeral.”

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UBC in particular followed suit with its own announcement:

Note that Monday will not be counted as a statutory holiday in BC – so if you work in the private sector, you’ll want to check with your employer if you have the day off.

As always, we’ll keep you in the loop if things change. We’ll check back in soon, Vancouver.