ICYMI, Donair Dude now has a full-blown Mediterranean menu. And it’s absolute fire! A while back the popular and only BC donair chain rebranded itself and now has a whole slew of exciting menu options.

In addition to their famed donair, the menu now boasts authentic Mediterranean wraps, platters and sides (biting into a steamy Fiesta Bold Popper as we write).


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Sure, their donairs are to die for but their new menu is certainly something every foodie (us included) is obsessing over. And for good reason.

For one they serve up wholesome, tasty and healthy meals. For two they make them fresh in front of you. And for three, everything on their menu is delicious.

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Plus, they use 100% local grass-fed premium beef meat from BC farm, 63 acres and premium lamb (for the lamb donairs) from New Zealand farms.

Honestly, we aren’t surprised that their new and improved menu is already a hit with food enthusiasts, in general, and Mediterranean lovers, in particular. We mean, Donair Dude already has 12 restos across BC and there are 8 more coming up. Clearly, they have perfected their offerings!

Here, check out the Donair Dude website below to view their enticing new menu.