Following in the same announcements that have come from other provinces and even nationally, BC has announced that it will be dropping capacity restrictions and other measures starting this week. Premier John Horgan was joined by Dr. Bonnie Henry today to share the news, and here’s the rundown.

Starting at 11:59PM tomorrow (Wednesday, February 16th), BC will be dropping all capacity restrictions for large gatherings, but keeping mask mandates and the BC vaccine card program. This includes sports events, concerts, and other large gatherings across the board. But, that’s not all that’s changing this week.

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Other changes include:

  • Indoor personal gatherings- return to normal (no restrictions)
  • Indoor seated events- full capacity (with mask mandates and the BC vaccine card program)
  • Fitness centres, adult sports, dance, swimming- full capacity (with mask mandates and the BC vaccine card program)
  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs- full capacity, no table restrictions, mingling and dancing allowed (with mask mandates and the BC vaccine card program)

In addition to the restrictions lifting in BC, a number of other measures will be reviewed in the coming weeks. These include, but are not limited to, the BC Vaccine Card program itself, mask mandates, childcare guidelines, and other safety plans related to COVID-19. Basically, BC has taken the first steps in returning to normal, and we’re hopeful that it plays out well!

For more information, head to the BC government website.